The Workhorse chassis is a great chassis with a capable engine and transmission package. But it lacks in ride quality and handling. At Rally's "R" Us we work with some of the top component manufacturers in the country to bring you the Motorhome that you want to drive.
The W-series chassis do not come from the factory with any sway bars or track bars. This results in many coaches built on this chassis being what some feel as unstable on the road. Our solution is to add a 1 5/8 sway bar with track bar on the front axle. And a 1 3/4 sway bar with track bar onto the rear axle. This results in the motorhome you want to drive not one that you chase.
More information about Sway Bars and Track Bars can be found by "Clicking Here"
Mor/Ryde SRL Front suspension kit. *May not fit all chassis due to coach manufacturer changes.*
Workhorse "W"series
Sway Bars
Towing Access'
The addition of "aftermarket" Bilstein shocks makes a great ride quality improvement. These shocks feature a different piston design and different valving from the OEM Bilstein shock. Do not confuse different to mean lower quality with the OEM shock, Bilstein just does not sell the aftermarket piston, valving design to original equipment manufacturers.
          Enjoy the open road - With
 Rally's "R" Us ride and safety upgrades.