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  Sway Bars and Track Bars
  All Titan sway bars are Made In The USA of Hot Formed 4140 Chrome-Moly steel. All our bars are heat treated after forming to insure the highest strength, integrity and consistency in the industry.
 Sway Bars are the main component in helping to control sway and rocking of the vehicle. Most motorhome and truck chassis were not built specifically for having a motorhome on them. They are built middle of the road so that the chassis can be used in many applications. Such as bread trucks or delivery vans. Motorhomes especially provide a unique situation where weight is not only carried low they also carry their weight high (Roof Materials, Air Conditioners, Cabinets). Sway Bars give you the stability you want driving straight down the road and the security you need on curvy narrow roads.
Track Bars are a lateral mounted crossbar, mated to a bracket on the frame on one side and the axle on the other side. Track Bars should not be confused with sway bars, they do not control sway. They are used to keep the axle inline with the frame, which keeps the vehicle stable laterally. This helps to promote a more positive feel, and helps with other vehicles pushing the rear of the motorhome around.
All of our sway bar and track bar kits are designed as complete bolt on. With high quality grade 5 and 8 hardware. We recommend professional installation, but anyone with the tools and basic mechanical skills can install our kits.
    Titan Products offers sway bar kits for Workhorse W-series Chassis and Ford V-10 F53 Chassis.
     Workhorse - Front and Rear Sway Bar kits come with integral Track Bar. This eliminates the cost of more labor and having to buy a separate kit.

     Ford - Front Sway Bar kits are a replacement bar for the original bar. Front Track Bar kits are available for chassis that were not originally equipped with a Track Bar.
    Rear Sway Bar kits include Track Bar. They consist of a Sway Bar and Track Bar that installs on the back side of the axle.

***Please Note***

    Workhorse front sway bar kits are only available with track bar as our sway bars are not compatible with any other manufacturer's track bar kit.

   All Rear Sway Bar kits are available without Track Bars for those who may be using another brand of Track Bar.

 Titan Products is continually looking to improve and expand our product line. If you have comments or suggestions please feel free to E-Mail us: titanrv@use.startmail.com
Installation Pictures
Ford F-53 V-10 Class "A"
Ford E Series Class "C"
Workhorse W-Series