Tire Patrol is part of the integrated line of RVI products. With one command center and controller you can monitor and control current products ie: RVI Brake 3 and Tire Patrol along with future products.
    Tire Patrol simplifies the setup process exponentially with pre-assigned sensors (up to 14) labeled for each tire. This makes pairing and re-connecting lightning quick.
   Tire Patrol provides all the critical data points needed to know exactly how a tire is performing in real-time. Monitor real-time tire pressures, as well as receive alerts in case of a blow out, low PSI, high PSI and even high temperature in a tire.
    To prolong battery life, Tire Patrol sensors go into sleep mode unless pressure is detected and the tires are rotating. Because of these advancements, each sensorís battery can last up to two years.

    Battery replacement is done at the factory for a minimal charge. No need to buy a new sensor just because a battery wears out. Non user serviceable batteries keep out contamination.
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Tire Patrol Tablet and Command Center
Tire Patrol Sensors $45.00 EA
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If you already have a RVI Brake 3 all you need for tire monitoring are "Sensors"