We also offer Mor/Ryde suspension kits. These kits change the coach from riding on steel springs to riding on a rubber spring. This changes the dynamics of the suspension operation and gives great ride quality. *Note: Will not fit all chassis due to coach manufacturer changes and add ons.
Mor/Ryde SRL Front suspension kit. *May not fit all chassis due to coach manufacturer changes* Please inquire
about your specific application.
Ford F-53 V-10 Class "A"
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The addition of "aftermarket" Bilstein shocks makes a great ride quality improvement. These shocks feature a different piston design and different valving from the OEM Bilstein shock. This gives a much nicer ride especially on bridge transitions and concrete highways
  Do not confuse different to mean a lower quality with the OEM shock, Bilstein just does not sell the aftermarket piston, valving design to manufacturers.
 Ford has now stopped using Bilstein shocks on the F 53 V-10 chassis. They will offer them as a option only until 2017 then the only shock available will be the Sachs shock.
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16K- 18K Chassis News
Some chassis built in 2017 no longer have a Front Track Bar from the factory. We do offer a Titan RV Front Track Bar for this application.